These artists and acrobats create, compose and live in Occitania.

« Man is the fruit of desire, and by no means a necessity »
Gaston Bachelard, postman turned philosopher

Cigale d'or

For 130 years cicadas have been flying all over Occitania to save the language of Oc, just as Frédéric Mistral wished it to be: 

Des Alpes aux Pyrénées et la main dans la main
Poètes, relevons donc le vieux parler roman !
C’est le signe de famille,
C’est là le sacrement qui unit le fils aux aïeux.
L’homme à la terre ! C’est là le fil
Qui tient le nid dans la ramée. 
Provençal poets, come sing hand in hand
In the age-old idiom of our Occitan land !
The language of kinship -
A blessing from God -
Uniting the family,
The symbol of brotherhood.
Therein lie our roots and that unyielding thread
Secures the nest in its sweet leafy bed.

Exposition Julien Saraben

Julien Saraben, cultivating secret gardens

Le Bugue’s marketplace houses once more the works of Julien Saraben. The man who illustrated “Jacquou le Croquant” was also a wonderful art teacher who none of his pupils is likely to forget.

Fête de la musique

Le Bugue Music Festival :
Stiletto heels, strass and swing

It was literally a state of frenzy at Le Bugue’s music festival this year with the wonderfully wild “Guinch’Pepettes” singers at the Café de l’Union and a jazz concert on the Place des Ors with Charlie Miller, trumpet player from New Orleans His presence showed just how strong the bonds are between Le Bugue and Louisiana in the aftermath of the destruction caused by the cyclones last August.

Julien Saraben croqueur de Périgord

Julien Saraben - a « Périgord » sketchbook revealed

Meet the man behind the illustrations for « Jacquou le Croquant » - the man who gave us his vision of Eugène Le Roy's famous revolutionary character, Jacquou (the ringleader of the peasant uprising).
Come and discover a multitude of hitherto unpublished drawings and sketches.

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