These artists and acrobats create, compose and live in Occitania.

« Man is the fruit of desire, and by no means a necessity »
Gaston Bachelard, postman turned philosopher

Carole Laure présente son film « La capture » au cinéma lux du Buisson de Cadouin

« LA CAPTURE » by Carole Laure: the ability to say no

Nobody can forget her video-clip “Save the last dance for me”, choreographed by Edouard Lock - with beautiful Louise Lecavalier - where she danced with her hands and with that mischievous look in her eyes… On Saturday, June 14, Carole Laure, the beautiful Québécoise who played Solange in Bertrand Blier’s film “Préparez vos mouchoirs”, was in Le Buisson-de-Cadouin where she had a bite to eat with her admirers, out in great numbers for the preview of her latest film “La Capture” which was a roaring success.

Le premier roman d’Eugène Leroy enfin traduit en occitan

By translating Eugène Le Roy into Occitan...
Freedom is spelt in the local patois

Thanks to Jean-Claude Dugros, « Majoral du Félibrige », a troubadour of the 21st century, « Le Moulin de Frau » sees, 100 years after the death of its author, its first translation into Occitan published by « Lo Bornat dau Périgord ». It’s the story of Hélie Nogaret, a fatherless child whose mother has a job as an office clerk planned for him. However, Hélie, a lover of nature and freedom, chooses to go and live with his uncle, Sicaire, the miller of the Moulin du Frau in the Isle Valley. The world of Jacquou, before Jacquou, with rebellion and vitality, is thus depicted down to the last detail in the native language of the characters the author presents.

Working for Le Bugue

Working for Le Bugue: in both the literal and the figurative sense

After a four-year break « Le Bugue Toucouleur » are back to work and they held their 16th exhibition at the Porte de la Vézère in Le Bugue at the end of last summer. The organizers and members of the Association “Oeuvrer pour Le Bugue” are once more in high spirits after being requested to withdraw from their activities on 1 April 2007.

We’ve not come here to get hammered!

« We’ve not come here to get hammered! »
whimsical rugby tales

The fortunes and misfortunes of a make-believe rugby club, the pride and joy of a purely fictitious village. Any resemblance to any village club (in the Périgord, for example) is totally accidental. What’s more, there’s no proof whatsoever that Daniel Chavaroche and Jean Bonnefon ever even played the game in Saint-Cyprien, Le Bugue ot Montignac in their young days.

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