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« Cicada » meeting in Neuvic, 19 August 2006
The Félibrige queen, Aline Samouillan, presenting the golden cicada of Nimes to Jean-Claude Dugros
The language of Oc : one of the languages mankind has been blessed with.
Extracts from the speech in Occitan
Aline Samouillan, queen of the Félibrige, singing the wonderfully soothing lullaby,
“Les Etoiles” (“The Stars”)
Jean Fourié from Esperaza in Aude has been “cigale de l’Olivier” (“cicada of the olive tree”) since 1987. His “Dictionnaire des auteurs de langue d'oc (de 1800 à nos jours)” (“Dictionary of Occitan authors”) is highly valued by researchers.
Zefir Bosc from Espeyrac in Aveyron has been « cigale d’Aquitaine » (« cicada of Aquitaine ») since 1980. A poet and a historian, he has written works on the “gabarriers” ( barge-men ) and angling on the river Olt in days gone by.
A brotherhood of untiring cicadas, scattered all over Occitania, have banded together in a peaceful and cultural battle to save the Occitan language.

Traditional Occitan music played by « L’Amicale des Routiniers » - musicians who are all members of “Bornat dau Perigord”, a Félibrige school in Dordogne.

Francis Pralong wouldn’t miss an Occitan language workshop organized by Jean-Claude Dugros in Bergerac, Mussidan and Périgueux. He pays tribute to his master.

When the ceremony came to an end, everyone enjoyed a friendly and impromptu musical evening, as in the days of the troubadours who took the splendid Occitan language all over Europe a thousand years ago.
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