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Le Bugue’s covered marketplace was to house once more Julien Saraben’s illustrations for Jacquou Le Croquant.
Gérard Fayolle, Mayor of Le Bugue, remembers the happy moments he used to share with his art master, Julien Saraben, on Monday afternoons.
Francis Pralong, French teacher, is still fascinated in drawing and enjoying artistic pursuits.
Jean-Jacques Leglu, psychologist, discovered the world of art thanks to Julien Saraben, a veritable talent spotter.
Gérard Fayolle, historian, has become a specialist on life in the days of Jacquou Le Croquant, the hero who truly fascinated his art master.
Jean-Pierre Gouant, Jean Eymerit and Francis Pralong, all of them former student teachers at the teacher training college in Périqueux, paid tribute to their teacher, Julien Saraben.
Everyone was visibly delighted to discover or re-discover Julien Saraben’s « Jacquou ».
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