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The exhibition of Julien Saraben’s works was back on Le Bugue’s covered marketplace 9, 10 and 11 August 2006. – another chance for those of you who couldn’t make it in July. It presented the thirty years of artistic exploration carried out by Julien Saraben - painter, engraver and art teacher – which eventually led to the publication of “Jacquou le Croquant” by Eugène le Roy, brought out in 1976 by the Périgord publisher Pierre Fanlac. In this celebrated novel with its outstanding illustrations we journey back to the restoration period in the Périgord. A period that is barely mentioned in history books but keenly studied and analysed by the historian and mayor of Le Bugue, Gérard Fayolle. A period he depicts in the interview he accorded us and which you can listen to on this page. Could it be that his passion for “La Vie Quotidienne en Périgord au temps de Jacquou le Croquant” (« Everyday life in the Périgord in the days of Jacquou le Croquant ») – one of his books published by Fanlac in 1977 – was the spiritual legacy from his art master at the teacher training college in Périgueux ? One thing is for sure : all of Julien Saraben’s former student teachers – now highly respected citizens - think back to their artist teacher with admiration, emotion and affection. It was he who passed on to them his love of art : that extra-special treat they have all blissfully cultivated in their secret gardens. Listen to what they have to say in our reports.

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