2009 Raid: The storming of the Bastide Town of Eymet

If a “Périgord Raid Aventure” is ever planned anywhere near you, don’t miss it whatever you do. The pace is hectic from start to finish and in next to no time it’s all over and you begin to wonder if it wasn’t just a figment of your imagination. First along are the race directors who define a territory - preferably a green space - which, without further ado, gets turned into a campsite where a hundred and fifty young people are swiftly pitching their tents on the Dordogne soil, ready to answer the four all-important existentialist questions: “where”, “when”, “why” and “how” - before whizzing off on the expedition.

When the Sapiens go all out to distinguish themselves; when the group fuse miraculously into one - that’s “Epic Encounters of the Uncommon Kind”.