Knights of Albuga become Lords of Amateur Elite
Right… now you can tell everyone: Le Bugue will be crossing swords with Fédérale 1 at the start of the new season. It’s a first… it’s unbelievable… but there you are! The players have fought it out and have reaped the rewards… and their sponsors will be one hundred per cent behind them in their next adventure.
Oh! What wonderful Sundays!

Rugby, « Fédérale 3 » French Championship Semi-Final.
Le Bugue 23 – Mugron 6. June 3, 2007.

There was Yassine Ouali’s try in the 81st minute of play, coming just when it was needed… and there was Maxime Chalon’s whirlwind try in the last minute of extra time, literally a coup de grâce. Both will go down in the history of French rugby… they shot the village of Le Bugue up into the “Fédérale 3” French Championship Final – for the first time ever!
Rugby revelry

In each and every one of us lie unbelievable stores of strength and vitality. Rugby teaches children to channel this energy in the right direction - to attain physical maturity and well-being and develop a healthy mind. Take a look at the 1,300 young players in competition at the second Alexandre Selves / Christophe Côme Tournament in Le Bugue on April 28, 2007; they are the picture of health and happiness!
Le Bugue reign supreme at start of season

Rugby, « Fédérale 3 ». Le Bugue 25 – Bergerac 13. 10 December 2006.
A terrific local derby - with the two sides going all out to offer the jam-packed stand a fine performance. A victory for rugby in general and for the Le Bugue players, who were determined to remain unbeaten right up to the Christmas break. Enjoy all the highlights of the match and the celebrations that followed in our reports.

When the Sapiens go all out to distinguish themselves; when the group fuse miraculously into one - that’s “Epic Encounters of the Uncommon Kind”.