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Plaquage préhistorique : Scène du Préhisto Parc, Tursac


With that instinctive knowing they lie in wait. Their eagle eyes swiftly scour the plain. They are ready to charge, leap up and fly through the air. All at once their power is displayed, their cunning, their valour, their laughter, their anger… they are possessed by the will to win, intent on paralyzing the opponent. They reveal the brute force within them and their finest human qualities. We shall never know if paleolithic hunters liked to compete for some sort of projectile, following set rules but it’s likely that they too enjoyed measuring themselves up against each other, shoulder-to-shoulder, charging, tackling, after a good day’s hunting, doubtless eager to impress the womenfolk who had stayed behind
Saturday April 28, 2007 was a red-letter day at Renaud Cruveillier Stadium in Le Bugue - an event that heartened those of us who were beginning to lose faith in the human race. There was the thrill of physical contact, the young lion cubs teasingly biting each other, leaping to dodge untimely counterattacks - energy and excitement all round. 1,300 young players from all over the South-West of France: little close-knit tribes, resolutely prepared for the strenuous but fair and square fight that rugby allows. 200 educators and their helpers refereed the tournament. They spend their Wednesdays, their week-ends, their holidays teaching their youngsters how to play rugby and, more broadly speaking, how to conduct themselves in society in general.
It was the second tournament in Le Bugue to be organized in memory of Alexandre Selves and Christophe Côme, two young players from Le Bugue who sadly died at an early age. 120 teams from the schools of 20 big clubs gathered for the occasion: lutins, mini-poussins, poussins and benjamins (under sevens, under nines, under elevens, 12-13 year olds).
On the six pages we have devoted to this event - 250 photos and 18 reports –you’ll find “the apple of your eye”! Aren’t they all gorgeous, carefree and beaming in the April sunshine! Listen to them telling us how happy they are to be out there together having loads of fun – in a clean fight, naturally, as the noble rugby traditions would have it.

Sophie Cattoire


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Moins de 7 ans Les Quatre Cantons 2 Sarlat Trélissac 1
Moins de 9 ans Sainte-Foy-La-Grande Le Bugue Tournefeuille 3
Moins de 11 ans Tournefeuille Les Quatre Cantons Le Bugue
Moins de 13 ans Le Bugue Castillon Condat

Résultats du Challenge Selves Côme

1er Tournefeuille
2ème Le Bugue
3ème Les Quatre Cantons
4ème Sarlat
5ème Sainte-Foy-La-Grande



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