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10 December, 2006
Le Bugue 25 – Bergerac 13

You can’t deny it: where rugby is concerned, Le Bugue are doing mighty well at the start of the new season. Not only have they moved one step up the ladder – they were playing in “division honneur” last year – but they have also ended up in “Fédérale 3” with a “nothing to lose” attitude and a game of the highest quality. Ten matches, ten wins! And they certainly didn’t crack up in the derby against Bergerac last Sunday. Up against a resolute and high-flying Bergerac team, constantly on the attack, Le Bugue were a bit behind at the start of the second half, but managed to catch up in an absolutely stunning manner. They weren’t going to get hammered on home ground!...The first two tries – a joint exploit at the 59th minute and a score by the imposing Yassine Ouali at the 72nd minute – perfectly illustrated their esprit de corps: a spirit that Gilles Bouyssou fosters during training sessions. He also teaches them self sacrifice and excellence and he can be proud of the results. See in our reports the four magnificent tries… a real treat. One thing is for sure: the new selection – a close-knit group of local lads and the new recruits who have “blended in” so well – has turned Le Bugue into one of the greatest village clubs in “Pool 3”. It’s going to take some doing to dethrone them!

Sophie Cattoire

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