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It wasn’t the rain, bucketing it down and chilling the crowd out there on that autumn Sunday, that was going to put a damper on things in the head-to-head between the two “Vézère Gateway” packs.

The supporters witnessed a fairly fought contest between two teams who are hardly likely to meet up again.

In the beautiful, picturesque town of Terrasson the Le Bugue team pulled all the stops out in the first half, in the allotted time, set on winning despite poor weather conditions and a soggy pitch. 11 – 0 for the admirable “orange lads” was however a disappointing score.

Act Two - and after the kick-off the Le Bugue players moved the game skillfully forward, nearly making it to their opponents’ goal. But it was just ten minutes before the end of play that Damien Marty and the pack scored two tries, after twenty or so minutes of hammering from the” white-and-blue guys” who never managed to quite make it.

The visitors’ defence line, heroic at times, found themselves up against a team they hadn’t bargained for, with very few slip-ups, giving their opponents few chances of intercepting the ball.
But Le Bugue’s team weren’t going to let themselves be beaten and it was a contented and triumphant team that made their way downstream with the 3 coveted points.


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