In Maurice Bunio’s film, « Les Enfants de Lascaux » (1990), Thierry Félix plays the part of George Estréguil, the first to survey the site.
In 1986 Thierry Félix managed to bring together the four finders who had lost sight of each other after World War II.
Since this reunion, every 12 Sep. Thierry Félix has been celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of the cave with the finders. Only two of them are still with us today.
A replica of The Shaft for the filming of Maurice Bunio’s « Les Enfants de Lascaux ».
Drawing by Philippe Bigotto from the comic: “Le secret des bois de Lascaux”, published in 1990
Thierry Félix and Philippe Bigotto travel to places as far afield as Africa (Mali) to “hunt down” rock paintings.
The four finders of Lascaux Cave: Maurice Ravidat, Simon Coencas, Jacques Marsal and George Agniel, reunited in Montignac in 1986.
Dessin de Philippe Bigotto extrait de la BD : Le secret des bois de Lascaux
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