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The Périgord abounds with sensual landscapes, undulating and wooded. Michel Albié, a onetime rugbyman who is now into motorsport, has followed the curves of his estate in Saint-Chamassy, south of Le Bugue, and fashioned out a motocross circuit which is as fearsome as it is gentle. Each jump, or table, is the chance to fly just that bit further ; it’s all up to the rider and how fit and fired up he’s feeling. And then there’s the machine of course !
Each man figures out his own course. Such was the case at the meeting on 25 June with riders from all over France : national or regional competitors, former stars or future champions. Beside races on state-of-the-art machines (125, 250 or 500cc) ridden by local competitors – the so-called “promotion” events – Belvès Motorcycle Club also organized, for the third time, the French Old-Style Motocross Championship, specially for bikes made before 1983, and bikers over the age of 33.
An excellent vintage : former champions, keen as ever, incorrigible collectors and all of them out for a good time with their mates. When it was all said and done, a list of winners and another step towards national championship level, and local heroes of the day – not unlike an army of Lilliputians attacking the dizzy curves of the Le Courrèges circuit, created by Michel Albié.


We wish to thank Michel Albié, landscape transformer, Vincent Deltreuil and René Barde, from the Belvès Motorcycle Club, for making us so welcome and for all the information they have so kindly given us.

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