They aren’t that used to making front-page news but they’re our very own VIP’s — Very Important Périgordins!


« As individuals, we are but primates. Associating with others turns us into human beings »
Albert Jacquard, geneticist

« Les Mappas » : Cro-Magnons and Chippendales    

Be the first to see the fabulous “Femm’en Folies” and our very own Périgord Chippendales, “les Mappas” in a stunning performance, prior to their world tour, at “Les Ecuries de la Passée” in Saint-Cyprien on 21 December 2007.

Patrick Montfort

Patrick Montfort made Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur in Monbazillac

On October 13, 2007, at the Clos l’Envège in Monbazillac, Patrick Montfort received the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur Cross from the hands of the prefect of the Dordogne, Jean-Francois Taillec. He was being rewarded for the time and energy spent promoting the wines of Bergerac, of which “Julien de Savignac” has been the finest representative for the past 26 years. But who actually is - or was - this famous Julien? To find out a bit about him we went up on top of La Ferrassie rock.

Marguerite’s 80th birthday

The Loste family, a dynasty of Périgordin farmers, celebrate Marguerite’s 80th birthday  

« Mummy, today, you’re 80. You were born on 4 November, 1926 at the Moulin Blanc in Rouffignac. At the age of 12 you left school and you no longer had to walk 4 kilometres through the woods each day. You left school to look after your brothers and sisters because you were the eldest child… »


Marguerite and the Eclipse  

The annular eclipse on 3 October 2005 brought Marguerite Loste out in some unusual spectacles. At 79, she was still cutting her own firewood. Meeting with a fine locally-grown flower.

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