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Jean-Michel Degeix and Eric Castang, cavers from the G3S club, discovered this cave on 19 November 2005, using ancestral water diviner techniques.
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They cordoned off the area containing bones and broken ceramics.

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At the time Mykolas Cave was discovered, Ferrassie-TV reporters (they themselves members of the G3S caving club) took the very first shots of this fascinating place.

« Mykolas Cave » bears the name of Jean-Michel’ Degeix’s son who had joined his father on that memorable day and was the first to see his amazing find.
From the Copper Age to the Bronze Age :
Dating of the samples taken from the site has determined that the bones have been lying there since 5,000 BP (Before Present) and 3,600 BP as far as two of the individuals are concerned.
There is a fine chance of this collaboration between speleologists and archaeologists continuing, since the finders have been invited to participate in the excavation programme that has already been planned for 2007.
The planned operation is to associate Bordeaux Anthropological Laboratory, the National Museum of Prehistory, the Regional Archaeological Organisation and the finders themselves.