Viewing the videos

To view the videos on you will need Windows Media Player. This software works on Mac* and PC.

Use the button opposite to download the freeware.

(*) For MAC OS X Intel with QuickTime - use Windows Media® Components for QuickTime.
For Mac OS X - use Windows Media Player for Mac OS X

For Mac OS 10.4 or later versions use Flip4Mac Windows Media Components for QuickTime : flip4macwindowsmediacomponentsforquicktime.html

For web browsers such as Opéra, FireFox, and Safari on a PC, you will need to install the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin which you will find at the following address:
If a former version of the plugin had been installed it would be necessary to reinstall it by pressing the “Repair” button.

Get Windows Media Player




To view the HD videos

The HD videos can be viewed with Adobe* Flash* Player
This plugin is available for free downloading on this site:

NB: For the 64 bit Windows 7 systems
you will need the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer
or any other browser such as FireFox, Opéra, Safari…


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