La petite Clavelie
La Petite Clavelie en 1949

Discovered by Albert Ténès in 1949 when a cow fell into it, the “hole” was later examined in 1972 by the speleology expert, Serge Avrilleau, who declared it to be an underground refuge carved out of the rock, going by the name of “cluzeau” in the Southwest.

Born in 1977, Jean-François Ténès, his grandson and heir, was expected to keep the secret of the “hole” which no-one was to be allowed to visit. However, in 1998 he made up his mind to go and explore it. Fascinated by what he found, Jean-François Ténès has since vowed to protect this forgotten cultural heritage site.

His cluzeau, in La Petite Clavelie in Ribérac, was chosen by Thierry Félix, scriptwriter for Périgord Raid Aventure, as the place for hiding the silver helmet, the precious object to be located on this life-size treasure hunt which every year highlights the treasures of the various cantons in the Périgord.

la Petite Clavelie
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