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Since 1987 a team of lovers of Le Bugue have been inviting artists to give their own portrayal of Le Pays du Bugue (Le Bugue and its surrounding area) using different techniques (oils, water colour, gouache, crayon…) and to compare their individual styles at an exhibition organized around a particular theme. For the first few years the artists were asked to do their paintings from life - within the space of a weekend - but now they will be able to submit their works in the spring for them to be passed on to the organizing committee in the summer… giving them that bit more time to add the finishing touches to their freshly-made works of art.
After a four-year break « Le Bugue Toucouleur » are back to work and they held their 16th exhibition at the Porte de la Vézère in Le Bugue at the end of last summer. The organizers and members of the Association “Oeuvrer pour Le Bugue” are once more in high spirits after being requested to withdraw from their activities on 1 April 2007. They, who had long been in charge of Le Bugue Tourist Office, were to see this responsibility fall to the inter-municipal authority “Terre de Cro magnon” who are in charge of the new Pays du Bugue Office, grouping together Le Bugue, les Eyzies-de-Tayac and Rouffignac.
However, to ensure that Le Bugue still has an SNCF* information desk where tickets can be bought and to carry on organizing important artist get togethers such as the Salon d’Automne, the Salon de Printemps and Le Bugue Toucouleur, the team came up with the idea of founding the “Oeuvrer pour Le Bugue” (Working for Le Bugue) Association - a name which neatly conveys both the idea of working to produce works of art and the idea of working in the service sector. If you too wish to “work for Le Bugue” in either of these two domains, please find all contact details below.
*French National Railway Company

Sophie Cattoire

Association "Œuvrer pour le Bugue "
Tel : Fax :
Président : Christian Rieupeyroux
Délégués : Michèle Cibert, Germain Vannotte
Secrétaire : Béatrice Barret
Adjointe : Delphine Gisson
Trésorier : Jean-Pierre Cibert
Adjoint : Roger Chambon

Pour information, le bureau S.N.C.F. se trouve désormais Porte de la Vézère, au Bugue, dans ce joli moulin qui abrite aussi l’Office de Tourisme et la bibliothèque municipale.

Nous remercions Christian Rieupeyroux et Béatrice Barret pour nous avoir donné accès à la collection d’œuvres peintes sur le Pays du Bugue à l’invitation du "Bugue Toucouleur". Une collection qui s’étoffe chaque année en conservant les premiers prix décernés depuis vingt ans. Nous remercions également Michèle Cibert pour nous avoir apporter les précisions nécessaires concernant l’historique du Bugue Toucouleur.

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