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On 2 August, Le Bugue rolled an immense 5m x 6m screen down from the balcony of the town hall to prove how immensely proud the whole village is of its champions, the ASBB players, winners of the French Fédérale 3 Rugby Championship.

Sophie Cattoire’s film recounting their heroic match and also the third half: the fans rushing onto the field to hug and kiss the champions, the celebrations in the changing rooms, the baptism of the shield with champagne, the journey back to Le Bugue and the party on the covered marketplace, gave everyone the chance to relive those unforgettable moments with the same enjoyment. The film will be released in September on DVD and there will be some “extra-specials”: the champions’ “bodega” in Le Bugue on 7 July, the presentation of the shield on the balcony of the town hall in an atmosphere of sheer bliss and more surprises which we’re keeping secret! Towards the end of September another giant-screen showing of the film is being organized at the Cinéma Lux in Le Buisson. Once the date is fixed you will be the first to hear.

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