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The 2006 Félibrée boldly straddles the Dordogne river and ventures into the Gironde for the first time in 87 years.
500,000 flowers hanging in mid-air, like a flock of migratory birds stopped off to admire this 87th Félibrée.

Alexandra Castagna, from Le Fleix, was crowned queen of the « felibrijada » thanks to her good command of the Occitan language.
Occitan, a love-song that lingers on.
Capoulier Jaque Mouttet reminds us of the origins of the « Félibrige ».
The 2006 Félibrée, proud to have made it across the bridge to lovingly piece together Occitania.
Los Gentes Goiats dau Perigord inventing 21st century Occitan culture.
Los Gerbo Baude, guests from Limousin, representing the younger generation who treasure tradition.
Los Menestrels Sarlades, regular visitors to the Court of Love, courageously endured the heatwave.
Majoral Michel Samouillan explaining to us in the beautiful langue d’oc the magic of the Félibrée.