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« Albuga et le Gouffre du temps »
The film of the Périgord Raid Aventure 2008
Sport, excitement and thrilling suspense guaranteed!


A campsite in Le Bugue became the headquarters of « Périgord Raid Aventure » during the last week in August 2008 as 144 girls and boys from all over Europe (aged between 14 and 16) were invited to participate in a massive outdoor treasure hunt in the valleys of the Vézère and the Dordogne. Prior to the event the different routes were chosen and fresh paths were created “out in the wilds” by the Service des Sports du Conseil Général de la Dordogne; Thierry Félix, a cartoonist who draws his inspiration from folk stories and legends, thought up the scenario… and it was in blissfully warm weather that the contestants raced off in search of the sword of the illustrious Albuga tribe – hunting down and then deciphering a set of amphorae with very old cabalistic symbols engraved on them. Off they went… on foot… on mountain bikes… down zip-lines… novice “spelunkers” performing everything with commando-style efficiency and a resolute, eco-friendly attitude. For thirteen years the Conseil Général de la Dordogne have been developing this unprecedented type of contest throughout the whole of the Périgord so that the youth of today can discover, grow to love and learn how to preserve the fabulous natural sites that they are invited to explore - down country lanes, far from the beaten tracks. So it was that this experience, the thirteenth one of its kind and European for the fourth time running, stood out as the key event in the outdoor education programme devised and developed by the Départment de la Dordogne – a “showcase event” to make everyone aware of the need to protect its exceptional natural heritage.

Sophie Cattoire


La Ville du Bugue
Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac
La Roque Saint-Christophe
La Grotte du Sorcier
La Grotte de Bara-Bahau
Camping Les 3 Caupain
Foies gras Grolière

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