Grand écran
The GRA.SA.SA. was founded in 1969 in Ste-Sabine by pioneering farmers interested in alternate power/fuel research.
In the 70s they started using sawdust, a local resource, to fuel the cooperative furnace.

The untreated sawdust comes from the nearby sawmills. Sawmill scraps, hitherto regarded as waste, are now being looked upon as renewable energy.
Grégory Grange, assistant manager, explaining how the GRA.SA.SA. started producing wood granules.
The GRA.SA.SA.’s main output is still dehydrated fodder granules : lucerne, maize, rye-grass, to feed the animals.
They came up with the idea of processing sawdust to make wood granules thirty years ago. to make a fuel that is less volatile and easier to transport.
The man who thought up these alternate energies, the inventor Jean Mirgaudou, a farmer and a member of the GRA.SA.SA., who lived in the farm opposite.
It is Yvette Mirgaudou, widowed in 1984, who showed us the ecological heating system her husband invented.
Behind this wall a corrugated iron silo, 11m3 long, filled with the use of this grain screw, feeds the boiler, on the other side, with the use of an endless screw.
In 1979 he constructed a robust and efficient boiler in his own home ; he fed it with sawdust and straw and then with wood granules.
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